Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.
— Joseph Pilates

april tillman

certified instructor + teacher trainer

April Tillman, Owner and Director of Urban Pilates, was born and raised in Hood River, OR. April grew up with the understanding that a healthy lifestyle begins with physical movement. After a car accident left her with an injured back, April discovered Pilates and found that this practice not only enhanced her recovery, but also embodied her lifestyle. In 1997, she became a certified instructor through Romana Kryzanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates, and began her career working for Mari Winsor at Winsor Pilates. April has continued her pursuit of Pilates and has had the opportunity to teach Pilates in Santa Monica, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Sun Valley. She then moved back to Oregon and opened Urban Pilates. April has dedicated herself to Pilates and continues to participate in continuing education programs with Dorothee VandeWalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle, WA. April continued her studies, becoming a Teacher Trainer and helping certify instructors through the M.A.T. Pilates teacher training certification.  During her off time, April enjoys spending time with her daughter, Simone and husband, Jonathan. She takes her high energy and enthusiasm into everyday life. April strives to bring this same energy, educated body awareness, and love of physical movement to each of her clients.

"My favorite exercises are leg springs and anything mat. You have to be honest when doing these exercises, they get your attention instantly and offer a little bit of everything…. STRENGTH, STRETCH, CONTROL."


Renata jarvi

certified instructor

A native of Ashland, Oregon, Renata grew up with an innate love of movement and fitness. She discovered yoga in 1995 and became certified with D’ana Baptiste in 2007. After teaching yoga and dance all over Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina, and Utah, she discovered the M.A.T Pilates Teacher Certification program. After over 800 hours of intensive training under Brooke Tyler of Clasique Pilates, April Tillman of Urban Pilates, and Master Teacher Dorothee VandeWalle, she received her certification. Offering over ten years of teaching experience, workouts with Renata are dynamic, challenging, and fun for every body!

"My favorite exercise is Swan with the Push Through Bar. This exercise develops length and flexibility throughout the spine while it opens the chest; promoting good posture! Also, while enjoying this wonderful stretch, you're toning the seat,  strengthening your inner thighs, and activating your core. So good!"


Catherine riebling

certified instructor

Catherine was born and raised in Los Angeles where she spent many years running competitive track. Her distances became longer and longer until she was running marathons and ultra marathons. Looking for balance she turned to yoga and was a dedicated practitioner for over a decade, studying Bikram, Ashtanga, and vinyasa flow, before giving Pilates a try. Completely humbled after her first session with April Tillman, Catherine became increasingly fascinated with Pilates, realizing the impact it has on overall strength and fitness and how it can benefit bodies of all types. She enrolled in the M.A.T. Pilates certification program under Master Teacher, Dorothee VandeWalle. Catherine brings her passion for Pilates to every session and challenges her clients with workouts that are energizing and fun.

"My favorite exercise is the Tower, but I don't consider it an exercise, I think of it as a special treat. I love how resisting the Push Through Bar articulates my spine, and the stretch I get for my stiff lower back is like heaven on earth."


DANA greenbaum

certified instructor

Dana Greenbaum is a Certified 3rd Generation Classic Pilates Instructor and Level 1 TRX Suspension System Trainer. She began practicing Pilates in 2006 as a way to relieve neck, shoulder, back pain and stress. Dana successfully completed an intensive 700 hour Pilates teacher training program in Atlanta at Urban Body Studios in 2011. Dana’s expertise includes preparing effective, private sessions, as well as teaching innovative group mat and apparatus classes within the classical Pilates structure. Dana has worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels, including pre- and post-natal moms, teens, and seniors, professional athletes, ex-ski racers, and clients with movement disorders such as Parkinsons and Dystonia. Dana continues to actively participate in continuing education workshops taught by Master Teachers around the country. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and is currently working toward certification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist. Dana loves hiking, biking, kayaking, snowsports, drawing, music, and Alaskan Malamutes.

"I love side situps! They are challenging but super fun to do! This exercise stays fresh because you can do them in various ways on each of the primary apparatus, (Reformer, Chair, Barrel, Cadillac, and Mat). They can be adapted to suit an individual's fitness level. Plus, they give you those beautiful oblique lines!"


Allison Brando

certified instructor

Allison Brando is an intuitive artist who brings vision, enthusiasm, and energy to her work.

Originally from New Orleans, Allison completed an intensive training program in Seattle with nationally recognized Master Pilates teacher Dorothee VandeWalle.

Allison teaches in the tradition of the original, authentic Pilates method. As a certified Metropolitan Authentic Training (M.A.T.) Pilates instructor, she offers the finest quality Pilates instruction for every body — from elite dancers and athletes to people who are recovering from injuries or physical challenges.

A professionally trained dancer, Allison has earned scholarships to Edge Performing Arts Center, Broadway Dance Center, the American Jazz DanceCompany and the Los Angeles Performing Arts Center. Her 17 years experience as a dance instructor has helped her develop a variety of effective teaching techniques.

As a result of all of her experiences, Allison emphasizes to each of her clients the integration of movement and conditioning into healthy lifestyle development.

Allison has been teaching for 15 years in studios across NYC, Seattle, New Orleans, Denver, and Los Angeles, and is thrilled to be joining the team at Urban Pilates following her recent move from NYC to Portland!

"The horse IS pilates! You [and your ego] are quite literally cut at the knees. The only way to propel yourself into the movement is from the inside up. Your inner thighs and abs are firing, then from there you find freedom in the places that get over used. It also points out that spot in each person's back that doesn't want to budge and in doing so activates the part of the abs that are usually on vacay."


Briana Ratterman Trevithick

certified instructor

Briana discovered Pilates in Baltimore as an acting student in college. She quickly felt the work's positive changes in everything she did from rock-climbing to driving long distances between Moab and the east coast. Now, as a mom of a rather powerful 4 year old, she's even more grateful for the strength and body awareness she's found from being a Pilates devotee. She was certified in 2011 through Dorothee VandeWalle's M.A.T. program in Seattle and, since then, Briana has been having a blast teaching this elegant method (and seeing its results!) to wonderful people in Oakland, San Francisco, and now the Pacific Northwest. When not in the studio, you might catch her on TV in a commercial, on stage in Portland, or hiking in the gorge with her husband, kiddo, and shepherd mix. And...the latest project that her Pilates practice is helping her with? Creating a permaculture homestead in the Washougal hills! 

“The teaser on top of the Wunda Chair is such an effective chest opener, requiring an amazing amount of control to move away from the center and then press the pedal down initiating from my core connecting to my back. If I have only 10 minutes to get a workout in, this is always one that I will sneak in. It feels incredible and is a great reminder of the power and effectiveness in regular Pilates practice.”

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deanna reeves

certified instructor

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Deanna was first introduced to Pilates over 19 years ago through her classical ballet training at Pasadena Dance Theatre. Her drive to perform and share her love of movement took her to New York to train with Alvin Ailey, San Francisco with Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet, and Florida with Miami City Ballet. She has since performed with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Continuum Contemporary Ballet, and in a plethora of commercials and music videos. Pilates has since been the driving force behind her healthy career as a professional dancer. She received her classical Pilates certification through a 470 hour comprehensive program with Pilates Technique Inc. This, combined with her knowledge from a career in dance, has further developed her teaching methods in both Pilates and dance studios. Deanna strives to help each client improve their mind body awareness through flexibility, stretch, and movement play. She is thrilled to be a part of the Urban Pilates family and is excited to share her love of movement with each client.


evelyn bian

studio manager

Evelyn started Pilates after purchasing an auction item and thought for sure she would attend three sessions, say she tried it, and go back to her traditional workouts. That was six years ago and she's still loving it. Pilates is the perfect complement to horseback riding, her other passion, and she has not found a better full body workout in any other activity. When Evelyn isn't manning the front desk she is a mom, wife, and part-time IT nerd.

"My favorite exercise is the tendon stretch because I have to lengthen my body from head to toe while in a piked position, firing all muscles to maintain balance. Truly a full body exercise!"