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FEBRUARY 23, 2013

Urban Pilates is proud to host Dorothee VandeWall from Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle as she presents her Advanced Reformer Workshop, When and Why. During this 4-hour workshop Dorothee will discuss when is it the right time to introduce advanced exercises to your clients. Dorothee will also discuss how to determine when a client is ready to progress their Pilates practice into a more advanced stage. This workshop will begin with a 50 minute Advanced Mat Workout to get your heart rate up and your core engaged.

Only 15 spots available so book early
February 23, 2013
10AM – 2PM
To register for this workshop, sign up online. Call (503) 505-9203 or email the frontdesk with questions!

MARCH 15-17, 2013
The Basic System Workshop introduces new Apprentices to the fundamentals of Joseph Pilates original philosophy and techniques. These basic exercises are the framework of a good Pilates practice. Clients only progress and grow in their practice when these essentials are strong and consistent from the beginning. This is also a great workshop for Certified Instructors who would like a refresher or to be more precise and meticulous in their teachings. A Continuing Education Certificate is issued upon request. The Basic System Workshop will give Instructors and Apprentices beginner clients a strong foundation for a lifetime of Pilates.

Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

Cost for this workshop is $350 for the weekend or $125 per day. Instructors certified by Metropolitan Pilates receive a 50% discount.

To register for this workshop, sign up online. Call (503) 505-9203 or email the frontdesk with questions!