Intro Package for Beginners

Get your basic Pilates foundation started for $150 with three private sessions. Through careful one-on-one teaching, you will learn the order of the exercises, the principles of Pilates, equipment setup, and the system of exercises that is right for your body and personal fitness goals.   GET STARTED >

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Wall Unit Class

wall_unitsWall Unit Sessions
Wall unit sessions consist of the wall unit-specific system of exercise (springs, bars, resistance training) and matwork to give you a full body workout that delivers visible and lasting results. You will work through the whole repertoire of the wall unit system in this rigorous workout. Wall unit classes also provide you with the opportunity to continue your focused authentic Pilates training with the energy and cost benefits of working in a small group setting.


Don’t see a day and time the works for you in our existing schedule? Ask us about adding a wall unit for you and your friends, min 3 people max 5


Getting Ready for Semi-Privates or Wall Unit

If you think you want to start semi-privates or utilizing the Wall Unit, let your instructor know. We’ll make sure that you are prepared for this new step. You can transition when:

– You know the names of the exercises in your program
– You know the order in which the exercises are performed
– You know how to set up your equipment and can work independently