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Read about the incredible results that our clients have experienced!


Andrew Herman
In the last 18 months, Urban Pilates has rebuilt my core, increased my flexibility, and strengthened my limbs. My body feels 10 years younger and my long-time lower back disc injury no longer hurts anymore. I now wake up without the cricks and pains that became routine in my 30s, due to years of playing competitive sports. Pilates has tapped into the routine/adrenaline I loved in weight lifting, while also boosting my cardio and revolutionizing my flexibility. Its taught me to focus on the subtleties of movement, which has improved my athletic ability and well-being across the board.



Pat France
I have been a regular weekly participant at Urban Pilates for four plus years. I have attended mat classes but as a senior, I prefer the one on one sessions with the qualified staff because they have the expertise and understanding of senior bodies and can modify the equipment and routines for endurance taking into consideration the level of experience and specific health challenges. I am always impressed at the superior attention to cleanliness of the studio and regular cleansing of equipment after each person has used the equipment. I highly recommend Urban Pilates and their qualified staff to anyone at any level, age or with any health challenge.



Daina Hamer
It is hard to express how my life changed after discovering Pilates. I have found much more than strength and flexibility. Confidence and optimism have become an unexpected result of the time I’ve spent at Urban Pilates. The class environment is a good fit for me. I feel challenged, motivated and inspired by my instructors and classmates. The classes are fast paced with constant attention to the details of proper alignment. An authentic, classical Pilates experience has stood the test of time. Urban Pilates is where I have found a supportive, nurturing, well-educated and enthusiastic staff working in a very well equipped studio.



Michelle Wanless
I decided that I wanted to try Pilates after many years at the big box gyms. I was pretty burned out and wanted to try something new. The change in my body has been remarkable. Sure, I have lost inches here and there, but more importantly my body feels stronger and more balanced than ever. I am constantly challenged by the workouts. My favorite is being sore the next day in places I have never been sore before. Urban is unique to me because of the atmosphere that April has created. It is so welcoming for the most novice of fitness enthusiast–she and her staff makes you feel like family. The studio is a place I look forward to going to all week. Finding Urban Pilates has been a game changer for my and my overall health and fitness.