Intro Package for Beginners

Get your basic Pilates foundation started for $150 with three private sessions. Through careful one-on-one teaching, you will learn the order of the exercises, the principles of Pilates, equipment setup, and the system of exercises that is right for your body and personal fitness goals.   GET STARTED >

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Private & Semi-Private Sessions

A Pilates session is 55 minutes in length and is composed of a combination of apparatus and matwork. Urban Pilates offers private and semi-private sessions. Sessions can be scheduled on the hour from 6am to 8pm.  To schedule a semi-private session, please call (503) 505-9203 or email us. Please note that our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all semi-private sessions.

Private Sessions
New clients begin with a series of private sessions. This initial group of privates is important in setting the basic foundation for Pilates work. Through careful one-on-one teaching, clients learn the order of the exercises, the principles of Pilates, equipment setup, and the system of exercises that is right for their body and their personal fitness goals. Private sessions allow the instructor to develop a customized system of exercises to address each new client’s needs, goals, and previous injuries. More advanced clients benefit from private instruction to improve precision, add new exercises to their Pilates workout, work on a specific issue or on rehabilitation from injury.



Semi-Private Sessions
In a semi-private session, two to four clients work together with an instructor. These sessions are lively and motivating, and when done 2-3 times each week they deliver visible and lasting results. Many clients take a mix of semi-private and private sessions. Semi-privates require a minimum of two participants and can be cancelled due to low enrollment. If your semi-private is cancelled, you can join another semi-private at a different time or take a private session instead. Scheduling a semi-private must be done through the front desk with the approval of the instructor. Because two to four clients work together in a semi-private, we’d like to make sure they’re a good match. In a semi-private session it’s not always possible to request an instructor as these sessions are assigned to teachers based on experience and seniority.