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our Instructors

April Tillman, Teacher Trainer
April Tillman, Owner and Director of Urban Pilates, was born and raised in Hood River, OR. April grew up with the understanding that a healthy lifestyle begins with physical movement. After a car accident that left her with an injured back, April discovered Pilates and found that this practice not only enhanced her recovery, but also embodied her lifestyle. In 1997, she became a certified instructor through Romana Kryzanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates, and began her career working for Mari Winsor at Winsor Pilates . April has continued her pursuit of Pilates and has had the opportunity to teach Pilates at a variety of studios, ranging from Santa Monica, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Sun Valley. She then moved back to Oregon and opened Urban Pilates. In addition, April has dedicated herself to Pilates and continues to participate in continuing education programs with Dorothee VandeWalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle, WA. During her off time, April enjoys spending time with her daughter, Simone, husband, Jonathan, and two dogs, Ruby and Lola. She takes her high energy and enthusiasm into everyday life. April strives to bring this same energy, educated body awareness, and love of physical movement to each of her clients.

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Renata Jarvi, Certified Instructor
A native of Ashland, Oregon, Renata grew up with an innate love of movement and fitness. She discovered Yoga in 1995 and became certified with D’ana Baptiste in 2007. After teaching Yoga and dance all over Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina, and Utah, she discovered the M.A.T Pilates Teacher Certification program. After over 800 hours of intensive training under Brooke Tyler of Clasique Pilates, April Tillman of Urban Pilates, and Master Teacher Dorothee VandeWalle, she received her certification. Offering over ten years of teaching experience, workouts with Renata are dynamic, challenging, and fun for every body!

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Myrria Quintana, Certified Instructor
Born in New Mexico, Myrria was active from the start. Beginning with gymnastics and soccer, her activities grew to include running, biking, yoga, and ballet in her high school and college years. She has continued her active lifestyle with tennis, backpacking and, of course, Pilates. Certified through Seattle’s Metropolitan Pilates with Dorothee VandeWalle, her teaching is in the authentic Pilates style. She will guide you through your Pilates experience either as a beginner, a long-time athlete, or a Pilates connoisseur, designing a workout that will challenge your body and address your personal needs. Pilates should invigorate your daily activities and help you connect with your body, and Myrria can help you achieve that success.

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Catherine Riebling, Certified Instructor
Catherine was born and raised in Los Angeles where she spent many years running competitive track. As she grew up her distances became longer and longer until she was running marathons and ultra marathons. Looking for balance she turned to yoga and was a dedicated practitioner for over decade, studying Bikram, Ashtanga, and vinyasa flow, before giving Pilates a try. Completely humbled after her first session with April Tillman, Catherine became more and more fascinated with Pilates realizing the impact it has on overall strength and fitness and how it can benefit bodies of all types. She eventually enrolled in the M.A.T. Pilates certification program under master teacher Dortee Vandewalle. Catherine brings her passion for Pilates to every session and challenges her clients with workouts that are energizing and fun.

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