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Urban Pilates is a fully equipped Pilates Studio and Training Center in Northeast Portland. Urban offers only Authentic Pilates, using apparatus built from the original design specifications and mechanics of Joseph Pilates’ own equipment. Certified Authentic Pilates Instructors at Urban have undergone extensive training, testing and instruction to prepare themselves to guide clients through Classic Pilates workouts. Urban Pilates is dedicated to the Authentic Pilates method and with that training approach brings full body conditioning.

Urban has daily offerings of Private, Semi-Private and Mat Classes. Private and Semi-Private sessions are composed of a combination of apparatus and mat work.

Our instructors have been trained to develop a system of exercises tailored specifically for each client based on age, fitness goals, and the presence of any prior injuries or limitations. A commitment of at least two sessions a week will lead to the best results.

Urban is proud to be affiliated with Metropolitan Pilates of Seattle, one of only four studios that exclusively offers the Independent Study Option of their Teacher Certification Program. Taught by Master Pilates Teacher Dorothee VandeWalle, M.A.T., it is the most comprehensive Authentic Pilates Training Program in the United States. The Independent Study Option allows you to accomplish the practical training portion of the program at Urban Pilates. Metropolitan Pilates is a Washington State licensed vocational school.